This website is hosted on FastDomain. There are several advantages to using this web host. The costs associated with purchasing an account are very low; $5.95 a month if bought a year at a time. That cost covers unlimited space; three free domain registrations; the web hosting control panel, cPanel; unlimited MySQL databases; unlimited bandwidth; IMAP and POP3 email; unlimited email addresses; and easy-to-use one-click installs of open source web-based applications such as WordPress, Joomla!, and many other tools. I have been using this web host for about fifteen years, and always send my clients to them if they do not already have a hosting account. Their hosting service has only gone down once in all of that time, and they were able to restore service relatively quickly. It is straightforward to navigate through their environment; I can easily find the tools that I need when I need them.

There are disadvantages to using FastDomain. One major caveat is that they sell only shared hosting. This means that other hosted websites can overload the server. So, while they advertise unlimited space, they do not actually mean unlimited, since too many files on an individual hosting account can cause problems with all the hosting accounts on a particular server. This hosting company or any others that only sell shared hosting should not be used for high traffic sites.